Our History.

The Dolly Blue Bar is named after the famous Dolly Blue pigment that was historically produced in the area.

The Essence of Dolly Blue Dye

Dolly Blue dye, a significant part of the Lake District’s history, especially in Backbarrow, played a crucial role in laundry practices. This dye was predominantly used to enhance the whiteness of fabrics. When added during the final rinse in laundry, it gave a slight blue tint that counteracted yellowing, making whites appear cleaner and brighter.

Its composition was based on synthetic ultramarine, a cheaper alternative to the natural pigment derived from lapis lazuli. Developed in the early 19th century, this synthetic form revolutionised the industry. Dolly Blue dye was commonly sold as small blocks or cakes, either swirled in rinse water wrapped in cloth or grated into powder.

Dolly Blue: A Cultural and Industrial Legacy

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Dolly Blue dye became a household staple, symbolising the industrial revolution’s impact on domestic practices. Its cultural significance was particularly pronounced in the Lake District. Backbarrow, for instance, was home to the Backbarrow Blue Mill, a prominent production center for the dye.

The term “Dolly Blue” entrenched itself in British culture, synonymous with the dye’s distinctive blue hue. Although modern laundry methods have rendered such dyes obsolete, the legacy of Dolly Blue endures, embodying a pivotal era in the cultural and industrial history of regions like Cumbria, marking a significant transition in everyday life practices.

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